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What you need to know. Even though this is not an official Hockey Calgary event, it is being done with their consent.  Therefor all Covid Precautions must be followed.  For a list of our procedures please click on the link below.  These photos will be individual photo only, Covid restrictions does not allow team photo.



- One parent should accompany every child for the event 

- This event is not being funded by your league association.  So please bring credit/debit for any product you would like to purchase

- Please come dressed in full hockey equipment

- Come 15 minutes early

- Social Distancing Rules in Effect

- Please bring your own uniform, or any uniform you'd like for photos

- NO Hockey Playing will be permitted on the Ice Surface that is being used for photography.

Location: Highwood Park Community Outdoor Rink February 6th 2021 9:30-12:30pm

Location: Deer Run Community Outdoor Rink February 7th 2021 10:00-1:00pm

Covid Precautions 




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